HMPStronic® XLpro

1995 Johanna and Markku Salom‰ki bought a small sensor production company in Ilmajoki, where they gained expertise in designing and building sensors. The official establishment of Techbelar Oy was in 1996, when a real-time precursor for excavator machine control was released.The tough development continued with enthusiasm, and in 1999, the laser receiver used to make field ditches and larger fields, even the drainage machines used ou receivers to facilitate measurement. Abroad countries were targeted fast, Norway, Italy Belgium, Sweden, Russia and estonia were involved in 2002-2003 and we went to fairs all around europe also. We were ahead of our time until we decided to withdraw from the markets in 2009-2010 so that we would get some time for developing and be able to build something new that was not yet in machine control market,so we briefly we aim to create a wireless product for machine control.

Techbelar Oy 2010->
The develpoment of the product went smoothly because the plans and factors were constantly aware of how challenging the Xlpro 2 / 3D Triangle project was. We finished it in April 2017, we have gotten a few refinements from our customers and we have endeavored to implement them.The Xlpro 2 / 3D Triangle reception market has been really has been really laudable because the product has so many advantages compared to competitors. The biggest invention of our engineers was to hav Google's DRIVE used as a data bearer, so every company that buys XLpro does not have to pay for the cloud service. The other one is long life of sensors, the batteries are not charged but they are replaced once a year with new ones, all that is easy and inexpensive. Yet another important thing is that when an entrepreneur or a company buys our equipment they get all the documentation that the buyer can fully manage, calibrate and even switch the system from machine to another. However, it is possible that remote management is enabled so that we can also become a service provider directly through your Team viewer. Our motto is start and use.

Xlpro 2 / 3D Machine Control

The value of the machine control for customer Xlpro 3D Triangle machine control sensors
- GPS / RTK recorder Bucket sensor
- Measure always with you Bucket tilt sensor
- Easy Data / document transfer Dipper sensor
- Real time documents (DRIVE) Main boom sensor
- Good quality Chassis sensor
- Usage formats DFX and XML Laser receiver
-Virtual antenna focusing Gsnn Box for satellites
- Many viewing angles on screen 2x of gps antennas
2x of antenna mounts
User guide
Installation and calibration guides
Sensor locations
The search engine for models imported from a driver
Xlpro view
The base map
bucket from the front
bucket fromt the side
Views of Xlpro 3D from
front, side and above
Side siew from the Xlpro 3D
Above view from the Xlpro 3D
Xlpro 3D from above
2D cross-section and side view
Xlpro 3D surface model view
Xlpro 3D surface model view
Xlpro 3D search screen
The machine driver created curve model on the machine
Completed curve on a bridge construction site
Xlpro 3D different views
Paper map scanned into base map (JPG) image and
provided with opposite angle information.
HITACHI installation KOMATSU installation Wheele-mounted VOLVO installation
JAVAD gsnn connection
Real estate construction site Xlpro 3D utilization
Measurement of Xlpro's accuracy to a known point
GPS / RTK accuracy directly to the
machine control is one of a kind advantage in machine control
JAVAD GPS / RTK app for android tablet
usage in finnish / settings in english
1D, 2D and 3D Triangle all machine control systems can be installed in all new and used machines 1,5-120 tons

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